Our brand

How did we get into this?

We like to travel and we absolutely love travelling in the UK. We have spent a lot of time over the years in other people’s short term rental properties, so when the time was right and a good starting property was available, we decided to create something that we could be proud of.


After being a regular Short Term Rental guest of other people’s properties, we have visited lots of different homes over the last few years and we wanted to start hosting ourselves and therefore we know the importance of having everything you need at hand to make your stay as comfortable as we can for you. We looked long and hard to find the correct property and spent a significant amount of time bringing it up to date in a sensitive way considering the original age of the property. 

Our aim is that this is somewhere we are proud of and that we hope you enjoy using the cottage as much as we do. 

And it begins with Rosebud Cottage….